Shipping Costs.

Shipping varies on weight and distance - I am in California so if I ship out of state I normally use  Priority Mail flat rate boxes - I can fit 4 bags of Rusks into a medium flat rate box - shipping cost $14.55 and 8 packets into a large flat rate box, shipping cost $19.95.

If you order more or less than what can fit into a flat rate box it will depend on weight and distance.  We will calculate that before shipping.

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FLAVOURS:                            PRICE

BUTTERMILK                        $ 7.00 a bag

MUESLIE                               $ 7.00 a bag

CRANBERRY & ALMOND     $ 7.00 a bag 

CONDENSED MILK               $ 7.00 a bag

Each bag is approximately 12oz - Because each rusk is hand rolled they vary in size and weight so it is hard to say how many rusks will be in each bag.​​


There are two ways you can order - Fill in the form below, fill in your full name, full postal address, email address and of course how many bags of rusks you would like and which flavours. OR you can EMAIL ME at with your order. I am here to answer all your questions and concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you.