If you have never been to South Africa you might not know what a Rusk is - In South Africa, rusk is a traditional biscuit (called beskuit in Afrikaans) that is eaten after having been dipped in coffee, or rooibos tea. Though my daughter loves it dipped in cold milk and my husband likes it just the way it is.

Historically, rusks evolved (along with biltong, dried meat similar to jerky) during the country's early pioneering days as a way to preserve bread in the dry climate. It was also extensively used during times of war or when traveling long distances.

South Africans enjoy Rusks for breakfast and are delicious with your afternoon tea, the correct way to a eat rusk is by dipping it in a cup of tea or coffee. This softens the rusk and releases all those delicious flavours hiding inside it. This requires a bit of practice, as you do not want to hold the rusk in the coffee for too long, or you risk making the rusk so soggy that it will break off into your cup. You want to grip the rusk between finger and thumb and dunk twice before lifting it out and taking a bite. Of course the amount of dunking required depends on the density of the rusk, so you will have to experiment. Keep a teaspoon handy for fishing out broken off bits of rusk!


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